Reservation & Cancellation

For the people those who use sound studio DOM at the first time

œStudio DOM is member only studio.(which means that you need to do admission procedure before you use)

œYou need to pay the registlation fee, \100. We don't have annual fee.

œAll you need is fill out an application form (name, adress,telephone number, etc.)

œPlease don't forget to bring your ID.


œYou can make a reservation from 3 monthes earlier, when you practice with more than three people,
or you have a plan for studio live & DJ party.

¦Reservation for personal practice (less than two people) is available from the day before.

œPlease let us know 4 digits number on member card and the name of its representative, when you make a reservation.

¦Member card number is not necessary when you use studio DOM at the first time.Just let us know your name and phone number.


œPlease let us know by a week before when you cancek a reservation.

œCancellation fee is 50% of studio fee when you cancel 2 ` 5 days before.
Cancellation fee is 100% of studio fee when you cancel on that day, be carefull.

¦Please pay cancellation fee within a week from a day you cancell.

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