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Studio Live & DJ Party

We support organizers who make a plan for studio live and DJ party at studio DOM.

From a home party style with a small number of people, to a large-scale live showcase using whole studio,

We can manage a wide range of issues. (DJ, Band live, Performance event, All night party, ...etc.)

You can even have BBQ or Drinking Bar at the rooftop.

Reservation of Studio Live & DJ Party

¡Reservation is acceptable from 3 months before.

¡We confirm the reservation only at the counter. (you need to fill out the 2 forms, acknowledgements and proposal.)
Tentative reservation by a telephone is not acceptable.

¡We check details of the event (which room you use, what kind of equipments you need, etc) when you make a reservation.


yRegular studio feeirate listsj{ extra staff cost(900yen/h)z

£We increase a number of staff in case of equipment accident and neighbor complaints for the noise.

£Equipments like amplifiers, drum sets, microphones, PA mixers, are charge free.

£We can provide other stuffs like refrigerator on the rooftop, reuse cups, ...etc. (also charge free)

£Rooftop using fee and BBQ grill rental is 1000yen for each.

£Garbage disposal fee, which is decided by Suginami local government, is incurred.

¦If you have any question, be easy to ask us.

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