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Studio Dom is not only for musical practice or studio live.

We support the live event outside studio Dom and also we lend equipments.

a catalog of equipments

flow of reservation, rental, returning.

Rental equipments & Price

œEquipments for bandsœ
Guitar Amplifier Roland JC-77 \1000
Bass Amplifier Hartke Combo-type \1000
Drum Set TAMA silverstar
including symbals, mat, hardware
Keyboard KORG SP100
Keyboard Amplifier Roland KC300 \1000
Microphone OM3ASM57 \500 / each
Microphone stand \300 / each
Score stand \300 / each

œEquipments for DJœ
CDJ Pioneer CDJ-200,400 \1000
Turntable Technics SL-1200
cartlidge is not included
DJ Mixer Pioneer DJM-300 \2000
Headphone \500

œEquipmemts for PAœ
Powered Mixer \2000
Power Amplifier \1000
Speakeriincluding standj \1000

¦Price above is for one day rental (from point of time of passing to noon of next day.).
@@If you give back equipments over noon of next day, its going to be double price.

¦Other than the above, we have cables and etc.


Flow of equipments rental

1. Reservation

¡Reservation is acceptable from 3 months earlier.

¡We confirm the reservation only at the counter when you fill in specific forms.
iTentative reservation by telephone is not acceptable.j

¡If there are some changes, it is ok to fix it by telephone.
iA deputy is not acceptable. Please let us know if you have a difficulty to come over to studio DOM.j

¡We check details (where you use them, or what kind of equipments you need) when you make a reservation.

2. Passing Equipments

¡Passing is at studio Dom on the date and time which you decided.
iPlease bring equipments to the place by yourself.j

¡We have one hand truck, let us know if you need it.(charge free)

¡Please tell us if there is any trouble on our equipments or when you break equipments as soon as you notice.
iWe may offer you to pay full charge of fixing if you do not tell us troubles, breaking, or losing equipments.j

3. Returning and payment

¡Please return equipments by the day and time you decided.

¡Payment will be done after checking number of equipments and if they works well or not.

¦If you have any question, be easy toask us.

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